Birthday Celebrations/Approved Snack List

Birthday Celebrations

In recognition of our students’ desire to celebrate their birthday with classmates in school, we have created a birthday celebration approved snack list. Only snacks that are on this list are acceptable for birthday celebrations to ensure that all students with allergies are safe. All families should refer to this list when purchasing treats for birthday celebrations. Please be sure to read all labels. The common practice by manufacturers is to include the top eight allergens in their ingredients list, and provide a warning label if there is a cross contamination issue. Such warnings may include:

“Processed in a facility that also produces peanuts/tree-nuts.”

“May contain traces of peanuts and tree-nuts.”

Foods with warnings such as the ones listed above are NOT permitted.

All treats must be sent in the original packaging and should be individually packaged. Teachers should be notified in advance if a child will be celebrating their birthday in class. Additionally, please note that candy/goody bags are not permitted to be given out in class.

The teacher cannot give out invitations to private birthday parties at school. Students and parents should not distribute invitations during school hours. Please be considerate of the feelings of students who may not be invited to a classmate’s private party.

Stop and Shop Cupcakes (must have peanut free label – they are also tree-nut free)
Food Dynasty Cupcakes (must have peanut free label)
Treasure Mills School Safe Cupcakes 

Oreo’s (regular, double-stuffed or golden)
Linden’s Chocolate Chip Cookies                                     
Linden’s Butter Crunch Cookies 

Doritos                                                                                     Wise Potato Chips                                                     
Frito Lays variety Pack                                                       Utz Pretzels or Potato Chips
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish                                               Rold Gold Pretzels
Pringles Potato Chips or Variety Pack

Other Treats:
Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Treats                                            Fruit Roll Ups or Fruit by the Foot