Sanford Harmony

Sanford Harmony Dear Parents/Guardians:

We recognize that as a parent or guardian, you are our student's first teacher and we want to partner with you to help our children become tolerant, compassionate, and caring adults. To support achieving these goals and to help our students build their social-emotional skills, we are pleased to share that we are implementing Sanford Harmony in our school community.

Sanford Harmony is a social emotional learning program designed to build healthy relationships among students by having them engage in activities that promote understanding and respect. Each classroom teacher has worked with his/her class to develop Harmony Goals, which describe the expectations for how to treat each other. Students are also participating in Meet Up and Buddy Up in their classrooms several times per week.

Meet Up - The class has a 10-15 minute meeting in which they monitor progress toward meeting Harmony Goals, exchange ideas, share experiences, solve problems and build community.

Buddy Up - Students will be paired with a different partner each week. They will engage in quick 2-5 minute conversations or activities to get to know one another better, form connections, communicate and cooperate.

Through participation in these activities, students will enhance their abilities to learn, work, and spend time together. We know this will benefit our school community immensely as we build healthy relationships that foster respect and kindness. To learn more about Sanford Harmony please visit and be sure to ask your child about Harmony Goals, Meet Up and Buddy Up.

Thank you for your support!